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Last updated: September 20, 2022
Find Net or Gross Price from VAT Amount with our reverse VAT calculator.
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How to use reverse VAT calculator

Calculating Net or Gross price from VAT amount has never been easier. Only 3 easy steps for reverse VAT calculation:

  • Check the VAT rate. It’s preset to 20%
  • Enter the VAT amount
  • Click "find Net price " to find exclusive VAT prices or "Find Gross price" to calculate inclusive VAT prices
VAT calculator preset to UK rates
Country of VAT United Kingdom
Currency of VAT Pound sterling
Standard VAT rate 20%
Reduced VAT rate 5%

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What users are saying

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Cristian Sarasanu
July 31, 2021

Vatulator is a quick and efficient tool for calculating how much money you pay for a certain product. Sadly, the only region it can be useful in is the United Kingdom. I wrote a full review here

August 1, 2021

Christian, thanks for the feedback! In my calculator you can change the VAT rates as you like. I have also made pages for United Arab Emirates, South African and Irish users. There is also a Ukrainian and a Russian version of the VAT calculator. By the way, we are hiring a copywriter to localize the site into other languages.

James Nichols
August 7, 2021

Please add to VAT calculator export data to excel. I think you should add other calculators such as IR35 or a dividend tax calculator.

September 15, 2021

Due to this tool, you will easily find out how much income tax you have to pay according to your salary and annual dividends. My full review here

November 13, 2021

If you make a drop-down list with rates for any country then it would really be a universal VAT calc.

Bryan Adams
March 8, 2022

I use the VAT calculator to calculate the price without VAT. I think it will be more convenient to work out VAT if the VAT percentage will be in the form of a slider.

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