Privacy Policy & Cookies

As a fellow Internet user myself, I totally respect your online privacy.

The VAT calculator itself does not collect personal data at the moment.
Our advertising partners and their partners and their partners do all that's in their power to track you to provide more relevant ads.

We are using Google Analytics to collect data to understand our visitors better. To us, it's all anonymous data. To Google... well, they serve ads for a living, don't they?

We are not storing anything you input into calculator, but it may make sense to do it in the future.

We use cookies and localStorage (pretty much the same thing from your perspective) for standard purposes - mainly remembering stuff you did so that we can adjust our service to your needs in the future.

The European Union requires that we notify you that we use cookies. Consider yourself notified. We decided to be the only site in the universe which doesn't feel the need to do it in a pop-up covering half the page.

Antony Kidless
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