8 Best Budgeting Apps for 2022
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Money management is important, especially after the post-pandemic financial crisis hit us. But how to plan a budget, if you're not used to it?

In this article, we will discuss some of the best budgeting apps that can save you lots of money and give you a breath of fresh air to do something that you would like - buy ethereum with paybis, as it's one of your business ideas to invest in cryptocurrency, or buy the car of your dream. No matter what you're after, these apps, like our VAT calculator, can be an outstanding option for you to start saving money.

1. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

It's one of your best bets for sure! Among the budget apps free of charge for 7 or more days (it has a 34-day free trial), it's certainly the best. YNAB is an all-encompassing budgeting tool that asks you to look into the future when making financial decisions. Instead of reacting to your financial past, YNAB has you ask: what do I want my financial future to look like? YNAB's 'Zero Based Budgeting' approach encourages you to make active choices about how to spend your money. The app tracks every financial transaction and the associated balance remaining in order to help users stay on top of their finances.

2. Personal Capital

If you want to follow some routine for great money management, Personal Capital might be the right budgeting app for you. Personal Capital is a great tool for managing your money and planning for your future. It has some features that help you manage your monthly spending, and gives you a net worth tracker and portfolio breakdown. Personal Capital is mainly used for investment purposes, but its free app includes features helpful for budgeters looking to track their spending and gives a net worth tracker and portfolio breakdown.

3. Mint

Mint is the go-to financial budgeting app for many; with more than 25 million users and a seamless experience, it has made a name for itself as one of the top free budgeting apps for iOS. Students may find it particularly helpful, as it allows them to input their loan information from their area's leading lenders, alongside access to their TransUnion credit score. The parent company Intuit has put a lot of effort.

4. PocketGuard

PocketGuard made the cut with its intelligent, algorithm-based money management app. Their app helps stunt overspending and — with a few keystrokes — shows you how much you can spend every day. Instead of having to worry about where your budget ended up after a night out or whether you'll be able to make payments on time, their app lets you make quick decisions on how to handle the money you have based on your savings goals.

5. Fudget

Fudget is a straightforward budgeting app that makes it easy to keep track of your spending. Its simple interface and intuitive tools allow you to not only keep track of your budget, but also stay in control of how much money you spend. Fudget's lightweight design and simple interface set it apart from other popular budgeting apps. Fudget allows you to easily track purchases, income, and expenses without the clutter.

6. Zeta

Zeta has a lot of features for managing your finances, including the ability to track your spending and stay within budget goals. It's the best budgeting app for those with joint accounts, who are looking to save money and manage their balances together. It's free to use and has no transaction fees (though some services require a monthly subscription fee).

7. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is the world's first app to leverage envelope budgeting — an approach for spending cash on expenses that's simple, effective, and incredibly popular. In fact, the envelope system is so successful that it's been used successfully in countries throughout the world, such as Japan.

8. Honeydue

Honeydue is a budgeting app that enables couples to coordinate and manage all of their shared transactions. The free app lets both users edit each other's transactions in real-time, while inviting them to discuss money in a non-threatening way. Honeydew's user-friendly interface accounts for every aspect of shared finances and makes it as easy as possible for users to pay bills on time and keep their spending under control.


Keeping a budget is not easy for any individual, and it's even more complex for people with multiple sources of income. It can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle to stay within your means, but thanks to budgeting apps, you can keep track of your money in an organized way that makes managing your finances much easier. Personal finance apps can help you reach your goals by turning to track your finances from a chore into a fun challenge.

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